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Poyake is a Low-Code Application Development Framework.

- Low-code methodology based on a DSL (Domain Specific Language).

- It is a development tool : There is no dependency or license cost at runtime.

- Eclipse Plugin to edit DSL, Code generator, ORM Engine, REST interface, ZK UI and an automatic testing tool (TestRunner).

- A code generator creating plain human readable Java code.



Change resilient

Enterprise applications do not adapt easily to the changes required by agile frameworks.

Vendor lock-in

Low-Code platforms use to improve productivity at the expense of portability across contractors.

Modeling tools

Modeling tools like UML and ER Diagrams don’t work well for teams/collaboration tools.


Disconnection over time of the DBA and the system designs.

Database impedance.

Loss of declarative information over the SQL language interface.

“Testing Tools.

Testing and versioning are not covered by other RAD tools.


Technology used and soported.

Poyake is an open source Java framework for building enterprise web and mobile apps.

JAVA Java 8
Eclipse IDE ORM Plugin
Spring DB Transaction Manager
JDBC ORACLE, SQLServer, H2, etc.
Spring Rest Services (Angular,etc)
ZK LGPL tecnology Secure UI Implementation.

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Success Stories

Poyake has been applied in the development of back-office enterprise class software for:

Miami MDX

New Hampshire DOT

Utah DOT


Poyake framework

There is so much more to share. We would enjoy spending time with you showing off Poyake tecnology, and so much more.

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